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We put innovation and enthusiasm into every assignment we undertake

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work, it’s down to attitude, our approach and the way we treat our clients. We are united with you in the drive to get the best from your project .


Most of the clients we started with are still with us. And that is because we are serious about our long-term commitment to them, and we share their goals. We have asked some of them to tell their experiences with us.


We monitor each of our programmes with detailed measurements. We have summarised some of our programmes as case studies to provide an insight into our work; how we proceed from listening to solution.


We have wide range of experiences . We have worked with people and organisations from production to banking sectors. We have summarised some of our assignments here.

Clients about us

Hannes Winsberger


Management Director

It was a thought-provoking and breakthrough experience for us to work with your experts, from which we still benefit a lot. Exemplary in the way you approached our leadership development . Thoroughly recommended.

Pápai Tamás


Regional Operations Director

Creative, innovative, proactive, professional, result-oriented, customer focused - these are the words I would use without reservation to describe the team of Consero.

Nagy Péter


Erste Bank

Consero catalysed our leadership team development process in a unique manner. This learning opportunity was key to us becoming more adaptive and finding the right answers for the challenges we face- I’m aware that this is the new dimensions of values.

Kelemen Nóra


HR Director

We have worked together with the Consero team for years. Their efforts to find out what we wanted paid dividends. Friendly, approachable and always on the ball.


„For me, the greatest achievement of the program was, that we were able to generate awareness in our strategy and it was accepted, that the former operation of the company holds potential threats. Having that common understanding we were able to develop a cooperative organisation culture which provided challenges for all of our members and they committed themselves to it...”

HR Director


A HR director of a domestic production company was contacted us that in order to establish the organization's long-term viability they have developed a new innovative strategy and they experienced resistance from the organisation.


In order to implement the new strategy successfully, reshaping the organisation culture and gaining the commitment of the people was required.

We developed a 1 year change programme, where the Consero team worked with 40 leaders at different levels on the development of a cooperative organisation culture.


We monitored the improvement along the program. We applied a modular design, where we introduced and worked with one change issue in each module.

At the end of the first module a significant improvement was indicated regarding the attitude of the leadership teams: increased commitment and strengthened responsibility in the implementation of the strategy.

Over the 1-year process of implementation we increased the trust between people, the commitment to change, responsibility and the resilience of the leaders. We introduced an open and transparent communication and developed cooperative operation.



„It was the open communication and trust within the leadership team which made my work more effective..”



The COO of an international company contacted us. The company merged their operational units with the aim to improve efficiency.

Despite careful planning the outcome of the newly formed organisation was way below expectations and there were also everyday conflicts.



The Consero team worked with the leadership team of the company over 1.5 year in the form of team coaching. 

In the first module of the program we cleaned the detoxified workplace climate and re-established the open communication within the leadership team, we generated trust.

It was concluded, that the interpretation of the tasks, roles, responsibilities, values, norms were basically different in each former unit.

People coming from different units were endeavoured to provide their best, but the lack of common understanding of the key social expectations, synergy  has not been established. 

In the second module   we generated a dialogic room for reflecting multitude perspectives and developing common meaning, which was communicated extensively organisation wide.

In the third module we created an internal cooperation system and we assimilated results in the organisation. Strengthening the new way of operation, we provided individual coaching for the leaders.



Change Management

We supported the restructuring programme of an international bank by our dialogic consulting methodology. We developed the change vision and the identity of the organisation.

Leadership Development

We managed a large leadership development programme in partnership with KPMG. We supported the strategic, business planning and leadership competencies of 500 SME managers.

Cooperative Culture

We supported the implementation of the new strategy at a production company. We worked with our dialogic methodology to shape the company culture. We developed straight talk and cooperation.

Vision and Strategy

We facilitated the development of the e-government strategy in Hungary. In parallel we developed the customer orientation culture within the administration.

Team coaching

We coached the leadership team of an international bank to surface workplace conflicts, and develop a healthier and energised workplace climate.

Leaders as Coach

We supported the leadership development programme of an international pharmaceutical company. We developed the coaching skills of the leaders.

Cultural Change

We supported an international chemical company in their organisational culture change. We applied dialogic coaching and consulting to reshape the former iinefficient corporate culture.

Cooperative Leadership

We worked with the leaders and managers of an international automotive company to develop strong cooperation, efficient and open communication and coaching skills .

Organisation Identity

We supported the corporate change programme of an international automotive company, including the development of the awareness of the leaders and the creation of the new organisational identity.

Organisational Development

We supported the organisational set up of an innovative health organisation. We developed the leadership competencies and build commitment to the strategy

Executive Coaching

We supported the integration of the new board members at an international insurance company. Strengthened the roles and developed constructive communication.

People Commitment

We worked with a production company to support the corporate change programme by our dialogic methods. We developed awareness, understanding and commitment of the people.

We work with start-up local companies and large international brands, too.

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